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Septic Tank FAQ


How often should I pump or clean my septic tank?

A regular maintenance program can go a long ways in avoiding problems with your septic tank. Spetic pumping is usually required every 1-3 years depending on the total regular usage to moderate vacation periods. Lower used systems can be 3-5 years before needing maintenance. You can have us schedule a regular yearly inspection of your septic tank. Using toiletries that are marked septic tank safe should always be used to avoid filling or causing a septic breakdown. The sludge will float to the bottom while the scum layer will rise to the top. When the scum layer is 6" from the top drain hole you may want to consult your service tech and arrange the septic to be pumped out.


Can I pump my own Setptic Tank?

With all the EPA rules and disposal regulations. It s best to leave that to the profesionals. As careful transportation is required and keep from spilling while in transit is required. Equipment can be quit expensive and usually not easily availble to the genreal public.

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