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Septic Emergencies


How do I know I have a Septic Emergency?

Septic emergencies are not what we would expect everyday but none the less they do occur. A simple backup may not be an emergency but may need a normal pump out or inspection of your septic system. An emergency can be more of a backup into your home and not stopping or simple your septic system is overflowing into your yard. A sewer smell in your yard can also be a hint of sewage leak. One last indicator can also be very green grass in a small area when other grasss is not as green.


What should I do?

Immediately stop all usage of your septic system and call Septic Pumping and Maintenance. After a brief conversation we can dispatch a truck to assist your cleanup process.



Not knowing the problem can be very difficult to determine the actual cost. Getting personel on site at your location to inspect and determine the problem is foremost the first step. In some cases it can be a clogged system and a simple cleanout can fix the issue. Worst case can be an older system that has completely collapse and it may be non repairable. In worst case a new system may be needed. It is best to allow the technician to determine root cause and further discuss with you.



Unfortuanetly during most all jobs, payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been discussed prior to us arriving at your job site. We as well incurr cost in equipment, personel and disposal fees. Our personel do not leave job site until billing is paid for and charge may still continue by the hour while we are on the jobsite even if we are done.

Emergency Services:

Emergency are available, we will work with you to provide the necessary help that best fits into your schedule. Call us today at the office (325) 248-8740 to see if we can get you taken care of quickly.

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